Amare | The Hague

Design – realisation: 2015-2019

In collaboration with: NOAHH

Design: Cultural building

Location: Spui, The Hague

Client: Consortium Boele van Eesteren B.V. & Visser en Smit bouw B.V. (Cadanz)

Team: Jo Coenen | Thomas Offermans | Laurens Cobben | Xenofon Moraitis | Luciënne Bregman | Willem Lucassen | Mark Haenen | Cas Bonnema | Eline Blom | Anne-Sophie Kortman | Guido Schot | Domenico Nava | Wouter Hagers | Yuri Buteijn | Paulos Kinfu


Arrangement of cultural venues


The OCC (International Education and Culture Cluster) is the new cultural building for the city of The Hague. The new building will provide accommodation for the ‘Nederlans Dans Theater’ (NDT), ‘Het Residentieorkest’ and ‘Stichting Dans- en Muziekcentrum Den Haag’ (DMC) and the Royal Conservatoire.

The OCC is being built in a design and build by Boele & Van Eesteren i.c.w. Visser and Smit Bouw. The new building will replace the current Lucent Dance Theatre and Dr. Anton Philipszaal. The typology is based on an arrangement of the venues next to each other, surrounded by a ring of music studios and classrooms. The ground floor and the first floor contain the main public spaces. These are accessible from all sides. The OCC is designed in conjunction with a new urban plan containing also apartments and hotels.