Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. and its affiliated companies, hereinafter referred to as: ‘Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V.’ located at Sint Servaasklooster 28 NL-6211 TE at Maastricht, is responsible for the processing of personal data as set out in this privacy statement.

Contact details: Sint Servaasklooster 28 NL-6211 TE Maastricht +31 43433511801


Personal data
Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. processes information about people. J.M.J. Prof.Ir. Coenen Beheer B.V. abides by the law. J.M.J. Prof.Ir. Coenen Beheer B.V. respects the privacy of the persons about whom it receives information and handles that information in strict confident. J.M.J. Prof.Ir. Coenen Beheer B.V. processes different kinds of personal data, for different purposes.


Our website and/or service do no intend to collect information about website visitors who are younger than 16 years. Unless they have permission from parents or guardians. However we cannot check whether a visitor is over the age of 16. We encourage parents to be involved in the online activities of their children, so top recent data is collected about children without parent consent. If you are convinced that we have collected personal information without the consent of a minor, please contact us at, then we will remove this information.


Purpose processing personal details

In order to provide our services, we need your name and contact data (like name, address, date of birth, phone number and e-mail address). Depending on the contents of the service, we are providing, we may require additional personal data. If it is necessary for our service provision, we disclose your personal data to third parties. To improve our website and for acquiring new assignments, we collect commercially interesting information about companies, such as the position of a company within the market, the possible interest or further interest of the company in our products and the persons within the company who we wish to contact or have contacted. We collect the contact details of those persons, memos based on discussions and telephone conversations and visit reports. We collect similar information on suppliers and potential suppliers. This information is carefully organised and stored in a database that is accessible only to authorised employees. We do so on the basis of our justified business interest.


Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. also processes personal data of employees, in the context of the employment contract and on a statutory basis.


Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. does not share your personal details with companies, organisations and individuals outside Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V., except in one of the following circumstances:


  1. If this is necessary to fulfil our contractual obligations with respect to you. Beside this, we will give your personal data to the mail deliverer/courier, so that documents can be delivered to you if necessary;
  2. If you grant us permission to give your personal details to other parties. That permission applies only if it is clear what you are granting your permission for and what the consequences are;
  3. To our partners, so they can process data for us on the basis of our instructions and in accordance with our privacy policy and other appropriate and security measures. Our partners. Our Partners include our IT suppliers and the website manager;
  4. If a statutory obligation requires us to do so.


Retention period

Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. does not retain your personal data for longer than necessary, unless we have a statutory obligation to retain your personal data for a longer period. The basic principle of Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. is that Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. is that we retain your personal data only for as long as that is necessary in order to deliver our services to you. Hereafter we will remove your personal data so far as possible. If, for instance, you have provided your e-mail address, so we can keep you informed of our products and services, we will retain your data for that purpose.


Cookies and other technical issues

Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. uses technical and functional cookies as well as analytic cookies. A cookie is a small text file that during the first visit of this website will be saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone. The cookies that we use, are necessary for the technical functionality of the website and for your user friendliness. They make sure that the website is working properly and they remember your preference settings. We can also optimize our website. You can sign out by setting your internet browser in such way that it does not save cookies anymore. In addition, you can have all the information, that was previously stored by the settings on your browser, deleted.


Social media

Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. is active on various social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). It is possible that we will process the personal data of third parties through these channels.


Right of access
Upon your request, we will inform you in writing whether we are processing your personal data. When making your request, you must identify yourself by means a copy of your driving license or identity document. In our response, we will explain which of your personal data we have exposed or are still processing and we will provide you with a copy. We will also explain the purpose for which the data have been or are still being processed, the parties with which the data are being shared, the period for which these data are expected tot be stored, and which other rights you can exercise. You can send your request to:


Corrections or additions
If you have received details about the processing of your personal data, you can request to correct inaccuracies or to make additions to incomplete information. We will motivate our response. If we make corrections, you will receive a supplementary statement from us. That statement will also be sent to any recipients of your incorrect of incomplete data.


Data deletion
You can request us by to delete your personal data in our systems in one or more of the following cases:


Limitation of processing
If you have notified us of an inaccuracy or incompleteness in your personal data, you can request us to limit the processing for as long as we are dealing with your request. You may also request us to limit the processing of your data if you believe that we are wrongfully processing your data or if we no longer need them, or if you have lodged an objection against the processing or the further processing of the data. After the receipt of your limitation request, we will continue to process the data only with your permission or if there are compelling reasons for doing so (such as legal proceedings). You can send your request to


Safety personal data
Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification. If you have the impression that your data is nog properly secured of there is evidence of abuse, please contact


Selection procedure
Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. collects and processes data of applicants by means of personal contacts, by post, by e-mail and/or telephone conversations. The information we collect includes the name, gender, contact details, motivation letters, training level and working history of the applicant. These data are relevant for following the selection procedure and will be removed no later than four weeks after the completion of the procedure. If you grant permission, Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. can store your personal data for a longer period in its administrative records, so that you can be contacted again if necessary in the future.


Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. also processes personal data of employees, in the context of the employment contract and on a statutory basis. For information about processing the personal data of employees, reference is made to the staff manual.


Transfer of personal data outside the EU
Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. may transfer your personal data from the Netherlands to a foreign country. Countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) have a personal data protection level that is similar to the Netherlands. We may transfer your personal data with due observance of the general requirements of privacy legislation. We can do so, for instance, within our group for the benefit of efficient operations.


Transfer of digital data
If you have provided us with personal data in a structured, customary digital file format and we have processed your data with your permission or in the context of performing an agreement with you, you will be entitled to request a copy of these data from us. In such cases, you can also request that your data be transferred directly to another service provider.


You may lodge an objection at all times against the processing of personal data relating to you. That applies particularly to profiles that we have created on the basis of your personal data. We will cease processing your data following the receipt of your objection, unless we can put forward urgent justifiable reasons that outweigh your interests, rights and liberties.


Exercising rights
If you wish to exercise one or more of the rights summarized above, you can contact our Privacy Officer, Mrs. Daniëlle Soeters at e-mail address .
Prof.Ir. J.M.J. Coenen Beheer B.V. will take a decision regarding your request within four weeks, unless we inform you within that period that we need slightly more time.

If your personal data are processed on the basis of your permission, you will be entitled to withdraw that permission. Any withdrawal of your permission will not prejudice previous processing on the basis of that permission.


If you have a complaint about the use of your person data, we refer you to the complaints procedure at the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This body is authorized to examine your complaint.


Any questions?

If you have any questions, send them in an e-mail to:

This Privacy Statement has been drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (in Dutch: AVG). We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Statement periodically. The latest version will be published on this page.